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  • How to get a free Euroviva cookware demo

  • Step for getting a free euroviva cookware demo at your home is as follows:

    1. Visit this secret page mentioned at top of this page.
    2. Fill in all the fields there.
    3. Receive OTP on your mobile to complete the form.
    4. Wait for the call from Euroviva.

    That’s it! Simple four steps to get a free home demo of euroviva products.

Mobile Repayment Applications Drive O2O Business in China


eMarketer: How can marketing professionals choose which mobile repayment app to companion with?

WeChat has benefits over Alipay. With Alipay, you could go shopping, obtain deals and also surf via brand name websites, however, the CRM and also client service choices on WeChat are much remarkable. You could not have a copy-and-paste technique for Alipay as well as WeChat.

Mehta: Sometimes you have to straighten both with Tencent as well as Alibaba, depending on the dimension of the marketing professional. Initially, you have to figure out where you are currently lined up and also where the e-commerce properties are that you could take advantage of. Significant online marketers have twin method.

eMarketer: How rapidly are stores adjusting to consumer use up of O2O as well as mobile repayment applications?

Mehta: Tier 1 sellers are leading on the O2O fostering contour. Fostering is relocating much faster in Tier 2 and also Tier 3 sellers because infiltration of WeChat and also Alipay is currently high in Tier 1.

eMarketer: Are most marketing professionals concerning holds with the O2O principle and also learning the best ways to take advantage of it?

Mehta: There is a much clearer understanding of exactly what O2O indicates currently contrasted to a year back. O2O is a lot larger compared to e-commerce.

The emphasis currently is making marketing experts prepared to attempt brand-new innovations or brand-new strategies, whether it’s O2O or an additional technology. It doesn't issue if it’s a recognized strategy or a tested company version.


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